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About Us

About Us

Who are we?

Hi and welcome everybody, my name is Kristiina. I am food-blogger-dessert-addict from Estonia.
I’ m a big fan and supporter of a healthy lifestyle but I have to admit… I am also the biggest sweet tooth in the world.
I started to create desserts and experiment with different healthier substitutes because I thought it would be great to eat cake and not feel so guilty about doing it.  So it was a happy day when I discovered that it is possible to make sugar free desserts that taste the same as the ones we are used to eating 😀

There is someone more I would like to introduce you – my partner in life Andre, who has to taste all of the food I am testing and well … he’s not complaining much about it. Together we are the team of No Sugar Hacks. While I am responsible for recipes, Andre is in charge of the tech stuff. We both create posts on the blog and we are really happy to share the recipes and healthy lifestyle ideas with you guys!

What is NoSugarHacks about?

Our mission is to provide an alternative to sugary/unhealthy sweets, creating healthy and great tasting dessert recipes that everybody can try out and start using.
On No Sugar Hacks, you will find nutritious and healthy recipes which are sugar-free, vegan, keto and other that I consider delicious but still practical.

We give our best to post useful blog posts that combine into a journey of becoming more healthy through the food we eat, fitness level we achieve and mindset we create. Let’ s take care of our body and mind together!

What else we do?

I am studying Business currently at university. Andre has a company that is engaged in website creation.
We live in Tallinn city but when we grew up, both of us spent a lot of time with our grandparents on countrysides. So probably because of the partly hillybilly background we really love nature and all related.

We are both big fitness enthusiasts and we love training in the gym or outdoors. We value healthy and nutritious food more than anything but it is all about balance – so it’s okay to enjoy burger and ice cream every once in a while I think :D.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will stick around with us!

If there is anything you want to ask or just talk, feel free to contact me.