Healthy and delicious Pineapple Green Detox Smoothie – a perfect start to your day! Extremely easy to make and has lots of vitamins for breakfast.


Green Detox Smoothie is one of my favorite sweet drinks – it is fulfilling, super healthy, and easy to make. I like smoothies with fewer ingredients. This Green Detox Smoothie has only 4-ingredients plus water – pineapple, celery, spinach and banana.


I never thought that celery would be a good fit to smoothies, but I had to try it out, because it is so healthy. And you know what, I was pleasantly surprised. I think it makes this Smoothie even better. Celery tastes like a caramel in this smoothie and I am not kidding. Try out and tell me, what do you think?


Besides celery, I love adding spinach to every smoothie recipe – it doesn’t add any flavor, but makes the smoothie even healthier (and green). My favorite color is green! I think this one is the ultimate green detox smoothie. Celery helps to heal digestion, spinach is rich in fiber and detoxifies the body, and pineapple improves your digestion. Also, all these three help to prevent cancer! It really can’t get any better!


Oh actually there is GINGER. If you want to make even healthier one, and don’t mind the taste of ginger then definitely add some. I only eat ginger with honey and in the morning or in the evening. How about you?


Green Detox Smoothie Video



Also, I think of celery as the super food, because it has so many major health benefits.

10 other health benefits of celery juice

  1. It helps to heal digestion – drinking celery juice first thing in the morning every day will cleanse your body
  2. Celery protects your liver health
  3. Supports weight loss
  4. Reduces high cholesterol
  5. Prevents cancer
  6. Calms nerves
  7. Protects your heart
  8. Strengthens your bones.
  9. Helps to heal eczema and psoriasis
  10. Helps to boost cardiovascular health


This is why I think this is one healthy smoothie. Enjoy the video and the recipe!