These Sugar Free Brownie Cookies with Cream Cheese Filling taste and look like Oreo’s. Decadent-tasting, perfectly moist and creamy. Something all chocolate and cookie lovers would enjoy.


If you love brownies, cookies and chocolate, this recipe will make you happy!

Brownie Cookies recipe

I have previously made Brownie Cookies, but now I elevated them with the cream cheese filling. And I have to say, I am really pleased with the result.


Can you imagine Sunday brunch with these creamy and chocolaty cookies? My Sunday was just like that, and it was seriously enjoyable. I love chill Sundays with a cup of tea, and something sweet. I am not a cake person I have to admit. But I absolutely love brownies, cookies, and almost everything that has chocolate in it. So these cookies are just perfect for my taste.


These Sugar Free Brownie Cookies need more than 5 ingredients to make. But they don’t take long and are super easy to make. Perfect when you are in hurry. And who doesn’t love cookies and tea, and even better, sugar free brownie cookies, right?

Brownie Cookies

For all brownie lovers, I have some pretty amazing recipes – Delicious Vegan Brownie Muffins, Super Easy Cream Cheese Swirl Brownie,  and Sugar Free Vegan Brownies. All these sugar and gluten free recipes as well.


Soon I will be making my Gingerbread Cookie dough, which is sugar and gluten free. I am not a big fan of gingerbread cookies, but these ones are extra special, and even I love them.


But I have to say, nothing beats chocolate and brownies, right? 😀


All the ingredients you need for your cookies are pretty simple, and doesn’t cost a lot. I like to keep my recipes simple and affordable. Because affordable can look expensive as well, and it can taste even better!


So enjoy these Sugar and Gluten Free Brownie Cookies with the Cream Cheese Filling!