This rich and silky smooth Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse with peanut butter is something you should definitely try. It is super easy to make and only with 4-ingredients.


Ever since I started to make sugar free desserts I found that desserts and other sweets with regular sugar are way too sweet for me. I love using honey in my desserts. Especially in this Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse recipe, because honey gives this texture the extra creaminess.

Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse

You can substitute heavy cream with coconut cream, and you will have more exotic and special tasting chocolate mousse. But if you don’t eat heavy cream that often then give it a try. It okay to enjoy these not so healthy ingredients once in a while. But I am definitely posting my super healthy version of sugar free chocolate mousse soon!


This recipe also is from my mini-cookbook. I have three more to post, but if you are interested then this Healthy Chocolate Milkshake is from my free e-book too!

Chocolate Mousse with Peanut Butter

Creamy, smooth, thick yet fluffy, melt in your mouth with crushed cookies that give this dessert the extra crunchiness it needs. Perfect comfort food and suits for every occasion. Serve in a bowl just to treat yourself or in a beautiful glass for the guests.


If you don’t want the cookies, don’t have any at home or can’t find from the store. Then you can use my previous Caramel Cookie recipe without chocolate and peanuts (only with 4-ingredients as well!). Or just leave out the cookies, and you will have chocolate mousse with peanut butter only with 3-ingredients, can’t get any better!

Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse with Peanut Butter

Sugar Free  Chocolate Mousse with Cookies

Let me know, how your mousse turned out. Also, use the hashtag #nosugarhacks on Instagram for a chance to be featured! I would really love to see your desserts.


Enjoy the recipe and new ones coming soon!