Stick your fork into these sugar and gluten free fluffy banana pancakes! Add some strawberries and cherries, and you will have something extraordinary. Super moist, healthy and delicious-tasting sugar free banana pancakes – perfect for a Sunday brunch!


I have been trying to make fluffy pancakes for so long now, and it has been a real struggle. With whole-wheat flour it is difficult to make fluffy pancakes using the same ingredients as you use for regular pancakes. So I have been trying to find different tricks and tips that help to keep my pancakes fluffy. Oh, and I finally nailed it. And this trick is not so hard at all. All you need is baking soda, apple vinegar and you are good to go!

sugar free banana pancakes

Look at those little air bubbles… Not thick and intense, but fluffy and rich in flavour. You will definitely fall in love with these sugar free banana pancakes. And, can you see that lovely color, slightly pink – thanks to strawberries and cherries. This recipe is super easy to make, no need for expensive ingredients and ready in no time. So, it is absolutely perfect for breakfast.


These sugar free banana pancakes taste moist and delicious even cold. So you can make a huge patch of pancakes on Sunday, and grab some for work on Monday. It really can’t get any better. But actually it can! These pancakes taste amazing even without any topping or extras. Strawberries and cherries give these pancakes already the flavour you usually add with jam or berries.

sugar free banana pancakes on top

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Simple as that! Try it out, and believe me, you won’t regret it. Healthy, moist and fluffy – all I want my pancakes to be. Enjoy the recipe! And let me know, how yours turn out.