Sink your fork into these delicious and super moist vegan brownies. This decadent-tasting dessert is definitely something you should add to your baking list. It is sugar free, gluten free, easy to make, and vegan as well! These vegan brownies are a cross between cakey and fudgy – best of both worlds.


The rich flavour of these vegan brownies give you the perfect christmas feeling that I am missing already, and it is only November… This year I am ready to buy all those christmas lights and candles and gingerbread cookies, oh and definitely mandarins (I have already eaten about 5+ kg)… Is it too early to talk about christmas?

Vegan Brownies

Writing this blog post as I am thinking about the vegan brownies recipe, it feels like its already December. I can’t be more happy that I added cinnamon to the recipe. It gives this brownie something extra special – more intense flavour. If you want this dessert to be more elegant, you can pour these vegan brownies over with some chocolate ganache or spread it over with delicious and creamy cream cheese topping or coconut cream.


Brownie, I think, is one of the best dessert ever. I mean, it is pretty easy to make and it doesn’t take so much time. So, when you want something sweet and delicious right away then this is it.


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Vegan Brownie Recipe

I think this brownie is in my Christmas baking list. I really loved the flavour and the texture, which was sticky and moist. My next recipes will be also something with Christmas flavour. I found gingerbread cookies with white chocolate from the store. And I am dying to try to bake them sugar and gluten free. If you don’t want to miss this recipe then definitely subscribe to my newsletter! I think this recipe is going to be epic. 😀